Two new calls: ERME Topic Conferences and Emergent Communities

ERME releases two calls for applications:

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Call for proposals of new TWGs

During CERME13, it will be important that members – especially TWG leaders – discuss if new TWGs are needed, especially to reflect new themes and help differentiate some of the very large TWGs. See the call here (deadline Aug. 15).

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Call for bids to host CERME15

CERME15 will take place in February 2027. See the call for bids to host it here. The deadline is August 25 2023.

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General Meeting 2023

The general meeting of ERME will be held at CERME13 in Budapest, on Thursday July 13 (11.30-13.00).

Here is the agenda of the meeting. Minutes of the previous general meeting in 2021 are here. The preliminary (not yet audited) financial report is here.

At the upcoming general meeting, three new members of the board are going to be elected:

  • One regional representative, for the region of Middle Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • One non-regional representative
  • One YERME representative

Here is a list of the candidates and their nominations.

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CERME12 proceedings completed

As earlier announced, the first draft of the CERME12 proceedings contained some errors, and some papers were missing. You can now find the final version of the proceedings (and a file with just front matters with page numbers) at the CERME proceedings page.

NB: If you have accessed the links before, don’t forget to update to get the new version.

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Proceedings of ETC12 ready

The proceedings from the 12th ERME topic conference, on Language in the Mathematics Classroom, is now ready at Happy reading!

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CERME13: full house!

The process of submitting papers and posters for CERME13 has ended. A total of about 830 contributions were received. This means that besides TWG (co)leaders and others who have a specific function at the congress, it will be hard to accept registrations from people who are not presenting authors of an accepted contribution, just as it has been at earlier editions of CERME. More exact information follows at the CERME13 website.

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Almost final CERME12 proceedings available

For proper referencing of papers from the Proceedings of CERME12, including page numbers, we have now uploaded a table of contents (CLICK) of the almost 5000 pages long document – even this list of the papers (with front matter of the proceedings) is 75 pages. You can use the table of contents to look up the pages for a specific paper you want to refer to, while individual papers are conveniently searched and downloaded here. If you really want the full proceedings file, it is available here (warning : it’s 80 mega-bytes).

From the editors (13/2/23): today, we unfortunately discovered a few errors in the version mentioned above, including some papers missing both in the full file, and in the table of contents. Please send a message on any errors concerning you paper to: – as soon as possible. ┬áTo avoid changes in page numbers for the vast majority of papers already included, the missing papers will be published in an addendum, together with a list of errors (as was done for CERME11 proceedings).

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The first announcement of the YERME Day for early career researchers, to be held July 9-10 in Budapest, is ready for download here (click). More details on the programme can be found here.

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Pre-CERME event for young researchers: 2nd announcement

.. is now ready here. See also this page for details.

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