CERME Conferences

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The CERME Spirit

CERME (ERME Conferences) is organised by ERME whose chief aims are to promote communication, cooperation and collaboration (the famous three Cs of CERME) in research in mathematics education in Europe assuming that

  1. we need to know more about the research which has been done and is ongoing, and the research groups and research interests in different European countries and
  2. we need to provide opportunities for cooperation in research areas and for inter-European collaboration between researchers in joint research projects.

CERME is a Congress designed to foster a communicative spirit. It deliberately and distinctively moves away from research presentations by individuals towards collaborative group work. Its main feature is a number of thematic groups whose members will work together in a common research area. Researchers wishing to present a paper at the Congress should submit the paper to one of these groups. In addition to the Thematic Groups, there will be plenary sessions with opportunity to debate and to communicate the work of each group to other participants; poster sessions for new researchers, and others, to communicate their work and gain feedback; and policy and purpose sessions to negotiate the work and directions of ERME.

Next CERME Congress:

CERME 14 in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy ( February 4-8, 2025, with YERME day Feb. 3-4)
Local Chair: Giorgio Bolondi (Co-chairs: Michael Gaidoschik and Camilla Spagnolo)
Program Chair: Marianna Bosch (Co-Chair: Susana Careira)

Previous CERME Congresses:

History of responsibilities (plenary speakers, IPCs, working groups leaders etc) here.

CERME 13 in Budapest, Hungary (July 10-14, 2023)
Local Chair: Csaba Csabodi (Co-chairs: Ödön Vancso and Katalin Gosztoniy)
Program Chair: Paul Drijvers (Co-Chair: Hanna Palmér)

CERME 12 in virtual Bolzano, Italy (February, 2-6, 2022)
Local Chair: Giorgio Bolondi (Co-Chair: Federica Ferretti)
Program Chair: Jeremy Hodgen (Co-Chair: Eirini Geraniou)

Virtual pre-CERME 12 event online (February, 2-5, 2021)
Local Chair and Program Chair: Jeremy Hodgen (Co-Chair: Eirini Geraniou)

CERME 11 in Utrecht, The Netherlands (February, 5-10, 2019)
Local Chair: Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen (Co-Chair: Michiel Veldhuis)
Program Chair: Uffe Thomas Jankvist (Co-Chair: Miguel Ribeiro)

CERME 10 in Dublin, Ireland (February, 1-5, 2017)
Local Chair: Therese Dooley (Co-Chair: Maurice O’Reilly)
Program Chair: Ghislaine Gueudet (Co- Chair: Andreas Eichler)

CERME 9 in Prague, Czech Republic (2015)
Local Chair: Nada Vondrova (Co-Chair: Jarmila Novotna)
Program Chair: Konrad Krainer (Co-Chair: Uffe Thomas Jankvist)

CERME 8 in Antalya, Turkey (2013)
Local Chair: Behiye Ubuz
Program Chair: Maria Alessandra Mariotti

CERME 7 in Rzeszow, Poland (2011)
Local Chair: Ewa Swoboda
Program Chair: Tim Rowland

CERME 6 in Lyon, France (2009)
Local Chair: Viviane Durand-Guerrier
Program Chair: Ferdinando Arzarello

CERME 5 in Larnaca, Cyprus (2007)
Local Chair: Demetra Pitta – Pantazi & George Philippou
Program Chair: Rudolf Sträßer

CERME 4 in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain (2005)
Local Chair: Marianna Bosch
Program Chair: Barbara Jaworski

CERME 3 in Bellaria, Italy (2003)
Local Chair: Maria Alessandra Mariotti
Program Chair: João Pedro da Ponte

CERME 2 in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic (2001)
Chair: Jarmila Novotna

CERME 1 in Osnabrück, Germany (1998)
Chair: Elmar Cohors-Fresenborg