The ERME mail list is a sympa group which is used by ERME to communicate important news to its members and others who are interested in ERME. We send out only about 10 mails per year, mainly news about our conferences and other activities of ERME.

You may already receive these news. If you do not, and you wish to, please send an empty message to with the following text in the subject line: “subscribe erme-group My Name” (replacing, of course, My Name with your first and last name).

You are welcome to let colleagues interested in ERME know of this possibility.

If you want to unsubscribe you similarly send an empty mail to with the following text in the subject line: “unsubscribe erme-group”. The mail needs to be sent from the address you wish to unsubscribe.

Newsletter icon line drawing

Alternative to the above process: register for a CERME congress, and in the process give your consent to subscribe to the ERME list. Your email will then be put on the list (but not immediately – possibly only after the congress – so this if you want to register immediately, please follow the above process).

NB: Beginning from June 2023, there is also a special mail list devoted to communicate information about YERME activities – see here.

ERME kindly thanks Thomas Hausberger at the University of Montpellier for hosting the lists.