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Idea of ETCs

General Idea of ERME Topic Conferences
From 2016 on, ERME has held ERME Topic Conferences on different topics (cf. the last call for ERME Topic Conferences.)

ERME Topic Conferences (ETC) are conferences organised on a specific research theme or themes related to the work of ERME as presented in associated working groups at CERME conferences. Their aim is to extend the work of the group or groups in specific directions with clear value to the mathematics education research community.

ERME Topic Conferences are led by ERME members who have been working group leaders and have research credentials in the thematic areas proposed. They build explicitly on European research in mathematics education and attract participation from researchers from Europe or beyond. ETCs build on European research while valuing wider perspectives. They have an interdisciplinary or multifaceted nature, bringing together participants that usually attend different Thematic Working Groups in CERME.
The preparation of the ETC follows a procedure similar to the preparation of the Working Groups at CERME, using similar guidelines, with possible adaptations. Besides the communication and collaborations that may evolve from this activity, the expected result of the ETC is to produce a set of refereed proceedings, under the name of ERME, that may be available online or in print or both and that contributes, by itself, to the advancement of knowledge in our field. These initiatives normally take place during the year in which CERME does not take place.

A new call for proposing ETC’s is released in the months following a CERME, to be held in the next year where CERME is not held. This will be 2024.

ETC in 2022

ETC 13 : Mathematics in the Digital Age, Mitra, Slovakia, September 7-9, 2022. First announcement is here. More information is available at the webpage of the conference.

ETC 12 : Language in the Mathematics Classroom, Oxford, UK, September 7-10, 2022. Find the third announcement here. This ETC will feature a pre-conference YERME day, three thematic working groups and many other activities.

ETC 11 : University Mathematics, Hannover, Germany, October 19-22, 2022. For further information, see: First announcement and Conference Website. This ETC will consist of plenary talks, a panel, four to six thematic working groups, short communications, a poster exhibition and specific activities for young researchers.

Previously held ERME Topic Conferences

Up to and including 2021, ten ERME Topic Conferences have been arranged. They are listed below, with links to websites and proceedings. 

ETC 10: Mathematics Education in the Digital Age MEDA from Linz in September, 2020.

The tenth ERME Topic Conference on Mathematics Education in the Digital Age was the second MEDA conference. It was held virtually from Linz (Austria) in September, 16-18, 2020 and treated research and design concerning (1) mathematics teacher education and professional development in the digital age, (2) mathematics curriculum development and task design in the digital age, and (3) assessment in mathematics education in the digital age. Hans-Georg Weigand was the conference chair, Zsolt Lavicza the local chair.
The website is here. The ETC 10 Proceedings are published on HAL Archives and available here. (locally held copy of proceedings available here)

ETC 9 : Arithmetic and Number systems from Leeds, May, 12 / 11, 2021

The ninth ERME Topic Conference on Arithmetic and Number systems took place virtually from Leeds on May, 12, 2021, with a virtual young researcher day on May, 11. Judy Sayers was the Local Organizer and program chair. The thematic focus was Flexibility, Sense and Mastery in arithmetic thinking across primary and secondary education. 

ETC 8 : University Mathematics from Bizerte, September, 12-19, 2020.

The eighth ERME Topic Conference is INDRUM 3, the third conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics and treated research on and design for tertiary mathematics education. It was held in September, 12-19, 2020, as an online conference, virtually from Bizerte (Tunisia). Thomas Hausberger was the conference chair, Faïza Chellougui the local organising committe chair.
The proceedings website for the conference can be found here. The complete ETC8 proceedings are here (locally archived copy available here) the more flexible browsing in papers well be possible in the [sic]

ETC 7 : Language in the Mathematics Classroom in Montpellier, February, 18-21, 2020.

The seventh ERME Topic Conference on Language in Mathematics Classrooms was the third in a row of Language conferences. It was held on February, 18-21, 2020 in Montpellier (France) and treated research and design concerning (1) language in multilingual contexts, (2) language for meaning making and (3) language in Interaction. Jenni Ingram was the conference chair, Aurelie Chesnais the local chair.The website for the conference can be found here, the complete ETC7 proceedings are here, the more flexible browsing in papers is possible in the HAL-Archive.

ETC 6 : University Mathematics Education in Kristiansand (Norway), April 5 – 7, 2018.

The sixth ERME Topic Conference was INDRUM 2018, second conference of the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics. It was held April 5 – 7, 2018 in Kristiansand at the MatRIC Centre (University of Agder, Norway). Viviane Durand-Guerrier (France) and Reinhard Hochmuth (Germany) were chair and co-chair of the IPC; Simon Goodchild (Norway) Chair of the LOC. The ETC6 proceedings can be found here. (locally archived copy available here)

ETC 5 : Mathematics Education in the Digital Age (MEDA) in Copenhagen (Denmark), September, 5-7, 2018.
The 5th ERME Topic Conference entitled ‘Mathematics Education in the Digital Age (MEDA)’ took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), September, 5-7, 2018. The organisers were Hans-Georg Weigand (Chair of the IPC), Jana Trgalova, Ana Donevska-Todorova, Alison Clark-Wilson, Eleonora Faggiano. Niels Grønbæk was the chair of the LOC.
The ETC5 proceedings can be downloaded here. (Locally archived copy available here)

ETC 4 : Classroom-based research on mathematics and language in Dresden (Germany), March 22-24, 2018.

The 4th ERME Topic Conference entitled ‘Classroom-based research on mathematics and language’ took place in Dresden (Germany), March 22-24, 2018. The local committee was led by Marcus Schütte (Dresden, Germany) and the scientific committee by Núria Planas (Barcelona, Spain). The ETC4 proceedings e can be found here.

ETC 3 : Mathematics Teacher Education in Berlin, October 5-7, 2016

The third ERME Topic Conference dealt with “Researching mathematics teaching and mathematics teacher professional development”. It took place in Berlin in October, 5-7., 2016 and was led by Stefan Zehetmeier (Austria), Miguel Ribeiro (Norway / Portugal), Despina Potari (Greece), and Bettina Rösken-Winter (Germany). Download the ETC3 preconference proceedings here, (locally archived copy available here) or go to the ETC 3 website.

ETC 2 : INDRUM – University Mathematics Education in Montpellier, March 31 – April 2, 2016

INDRUM 2016 was ETC2: The second ERME Topic Conference on University Mathematics Education was organized by the International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics (INDRUM) on March 31– April 2, 2016, in Montpellier (France). The local committee was led by Viviane Durand-Guerrier (Montpellier, France), the scientific committee by Elena Nardi (UK) and Carl Winslow (Denmark). The conference website contains more detailed information. (Locally archived copy of the proceedings available here)

ETC 1 : CITAD5 – Anthropological Theory of the Didactic in Castro‐Urdiales (Spain), January, 26-30, 2016.

The trilingual (Spanish-French-English) conference CITADS 5 was ETC1: The first ERME Topic Conference on the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic was held in Castro‐Urdiales (Spain) from 26 to 30 January 2016. The program committee involved Marianna Bosch, F. Javier García, John Monaghan, and Carl Winsløw.
The conference website can be found here.

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