CERME 14 is coming up…

CERME14 will take place Feb. 4-8 in Bolzano, Italy. The first announcement is expected towards the end of February. You can already see some details at the CERME 14 website. The deadline for submission of papers and poster proposals will be September 15, 2024. Besides the TWGs that were active at CERME13, there will be three new TWGs at CERME14: TWG7 on adult mathematics education, TWG11 on teaching and learning discrete and computational mathematics, and TWG30 on the teaching and learning of calculus. More details will follow shortly, in the first announcement.

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Obituary for Guy Brousseau (1933-2024)

In memory of Guy Brousseau, an obituary was written by ERME’s president. You can read it here.

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Proceedings from CERME13 ready (including HAL)

Thanks to the efficient and enormeous joint work of the IPC, the LOC and the TWG teams of CERME13, it has been possible to finalize the proceedings in what appears record time. You will find links to individual papers, the full proceedings, as well as the front matter with table of contents, on the CERME proceedings webpage (scroll down). Note that the year of publication is 2023, and the correct way of referencing CERME papers (on top of the page).

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ERME Topic Conferences 2024

In 2024, a record number of five ERME Topic conferences will be proposed, to enable communication, collaboration and cooperation among mathematics education researchers also in the year between CERME13 and CERME14:

ETC 14: FAME 2024. Feedback and Assessment in Mathematics Education
5 – 7 June 2024, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Further information and second announcement available at www.uu.nl/fame. Deadline for submissions has expired.

ETC 15: INDRUM 2014. International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics
10 – 14 June 2024, Barcelona, Spain. Further information available at https://indrum2024.sciencesconf.org. Deadline for submissions has expired.

ETC 16: Language and Social Interaction in Heterogeneous Mathematics Classrooms
20 – 22 August 2024, Halle, Germany. Further information and first announcement available at https://didaktik.mathematik.uni-halle.de/etc16/. Deadline for submissions, 6 May 2024.

ETC 17: MEDA 4. Mathematics Education in the Digital Age
3 – 6 September 2024, Bari, Italy. Further information and first announcemnet available at https://www.dm.uniba.it/meda4 . Deadline for submissions, 1 March 2024.

ETC 18: GAME. Game-based and Playful Approaches to Mathematics Education
9 – 10 September 2024, Rome, Italy. Further information and first announcement available at www.game-conference.eu. Deadline for submissions, 10 March 2024.

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YESS13 – second announcement & Pre YESS13 event

The summer school for young researchers in mathematics education takes place August 23-28 (2024) in Cantabria, Spain. See the second announcement for much more information, and also the website of the school. Prospective participants are also invited to attend the Pre Yess-13 event, see second announcement here.

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Minutes from General Meeting 2023

Please find the minutes from the General Meeting in Budapest here.

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Farewell Budapest – See you in Bozen-Bolzano!

CERME13 is over – a great success, judging from the enthousiastic applauses by which the participants in the closing ceremony expressed their gratitude to the organisers. including the LOC led by Csaba Csapodi and the IPC led by Paul Drijvers. The ceremony was further animated by the ERME choir, led by Leander Kempen and Florian Schacht. The results from the ongoing evaluation of CERME13 will be used in the planning of CERME14.

About this next CERME, Giorgio Bolondi (LOC chair) and Marianna Bosch (IPC chair) provided a promising introduction to the venue and the scientific preparations. We will finally – after the virtual events and conferences in 2021 and 2022 – meet in person in the beautiful city of Bozen-Bolzano, to resume the work on mathematics education research in the ERME spirit of communication, collaboration and cooperation. Arrivederci – Auf Wiedersehen – See you all there!

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News from CERME13

The conference is progressing well, with the high scientific level of discussions outperforming the high temperatures outside. Three new board members have been elected, winners of paper awards and poster awards have been designated, and the details of this will all appear in the appropriate sections of this site as soon as possible.

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New YERME mail list – subscribe now!

If you want to be updated on activities and other news proposed by ERME for early career researchers, you can now sign up for the YERME mail list. See information here.

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Two new calls: ERME Topic Conferences and Emergent Communities

ERME releases two calls for applications:

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