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Elections in Feb 2021

by ERME_admin1

New ERME board and ERME president
On February, 2 , 2021, during the virtual general meeting of ERME, the ERME president and five ERME board members was elected by the registered attendees of the virtual event. We congratulate the following newly elected board members:

  • Carl Winsløw (Denmark) ERME president
  • Frode Rønning (Norway)
  • Eirini Geraniou (UK / Greece)
  • Katalin Gosztonyi (Hungary)
  • Zelha Tunç-Pekkan (Turkey)
  • Dilan Şahin-Gür (Germany)

And we are happy that the following ERME board members will continue their work:

  • Ghislaine Gueudet (France)
  • Michiel Veldhuis (The Netherlands)
  • Francesca Ferrara (Italy)
  • Andreas Eichler (Germany)
  • Dorota Lembrér (Norway)

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